image-from-the-document-manager The Pulse of the Middle East gulf PULSE نبض الخليج US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) meets Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Salman at Diriyah Farm in Diriyah, March 5, 2015. Kerry met Gulf Arab foreign ministers in Riyadh to brief them on progress in the nuclear talks with Iran and […]

Excerpt: This article will look at five specific weapons or capabilities that North Korea could use in a surprise attack as part of an invasion of the South. These five weapons could be used in various combinations- in one massive strike or used on their own- as the opening salvo of an invasion. Such weapons […]

Senate Torture Report: An Exception in CIA Oversight Senate torture report exposed misdeeds, but it’s rare for Congress to hold the CIA accountable By KEN DILANIAN /wireStory/senate-torture- report-exception-cia-oversight -29493247 The Associated Press WASHINGTON In February 2009, the Senate intelligence committee gathered in a soundproof room to learn the stomach-churning details of the brutal interrogations […]

Israel, Europe And The Converging Terror Threat Winter / 2015 Israel, Europe And The Converging Terror Threat by Amichai Magen 3275107274 World leaders in Paris following the Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher attacks, Credit: European Council President/Flickr AUTHOR 183282925 Amichai Magen Dr. Amichai Magen maps the increasing interconnectedness of the Islamist terror threats faced by […]

Cyber Warriors Need Not Be Soldiers By Jeremy Hsu | March 8, 2015 9:58 pm http://blogs.discovermagazine. com/lovesick-cyborg/2015/03/ 08/cyber-warriors-need-not- soldiers/#.VP1oGIHF_V0 The Cyber Operations Center on Fort Gordon, Ga., is home to signal and military intelligence non-commissioned officers, who watch for and respond to network attacks from adversaries as varied as nation-states, terrorists and “hacktivists.” Credit: Michael […]

Conclusion: To sum up, the Russo-Ukrainian War is Kyiv’s to win, if it approaches the future wisely. The last year has been one of defeat after defeat for Ukraine, sometimes needlessly. Vladimir Putin has opted for war against Russia’s vast neighbor, the second biggest country in Europe, and this is now a conflict that Russia […]

North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions opinions/north-koreas-nuclear- ambitions/2015/03/07/70059198- c1d1-11e4-ad5c-3b8ce89f1b89_ story.html By Editorial Board March 7 at 8:07 PM THE CARICATURE of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un as a clownish figure and his nation as reckless, backwards and isolated is unhelpful in trying discern the reality of the Pyongyang regime and judge the dangers both to […]